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Parkour is an urban art movement / extreme sport where participants, known

as traucers or

tracers, jump between buildings and create fast, fluid and technical moves. As you can imagine, it is very dangerous.

While some define Parjour as an extreme sport, the players affirm that Parkour is a life philosophy.

The system was created by the end of 80’s by David Belle, who began to develop the movement in the suburbs of Paris inspired by the skills that his father had as a voluntary fireman.

In the advanced levels, traucers walk at great heights by jumping between the buildings in urban construction at great distances from the ground. For that reason it is necessary to advance one’s skill slowly. Every day more and more fans are attracted to this sport. They can be seen at the Costa Salguero, Aeroparque, Puerto Madero and ATC.

Generally the sport takes place at nights because there is less people and the urban obstacles are free.

Powerising - Jumping Stilts

If you liked our coverage of the Flybar Extreme Pogo Stick video, then you’ll be dying to check out the new Powerisers Jumping Stilts. Run up to 20 miles an hour (with medium risk of injury).

Available from Gizoo for £199.95: “Imagine jumping six feet in the air barely even breaking a sweat or running at speeds of over 20 miles an hour, a claim to fame even an Olympic

athlete can’t make! The secret behind these incredible fun fitness gadgets is the curved springs, which are attached to the base. When you push your feet down, your weight creates gravit

ational energy. The super-charged springs then push back, harnessing this energy and giving you the power to run, leap and bound, reaching tremendous h

eight and speed!”

KTraking - Track Drive and Ski Kit for Your Bike

Scheduled for release in January 2007, the Ktrak rear drive track kit and ski kit convert your mountain bike into the ‘ultimate all-terrain machine’. You can convert just the real wheel to a track drive system, or also opt for the ski on the front. The Ktrak is designed for either snow or sand.

The Ktrak Rear-Drive Kit is a universal attachment that replaces the rear wheel with a track drive system. It is designed to create traction on previously unridable surfaces like snow and sand. (ktrakcycle)

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